OREANDA-NEWS  The head of the police department of the Estonian city of Narva, Indrek Puvi, said that Russian representatives initiated a meeting with Estonian border guards. It took place in the center of the Friendship Bridge (the border crossing between Estonia and Russia).

As Mr. Puvi told RusDelfi, the reason for the meeting was a poster placed on the wall of the medieval Narva Castle, which is located on the border with the Russian Ivangorod. The poster shows the inscription: "Putin War Criminal". The placement of the poster today, May 9, on Facebook (belongs to the extremist and banned Meta in the Russian Federation) was announced by the museum located in the castle.

"Among other things, they discussed a poster installed on the wall of the Narva Museum, which Russian representatives demanded from our border guards to remove. Representatives of the Police Department and Border Guard said that such a poster is not prohibited in our country, we base our work on Estonian laws and Russian officials have no reason to demand the removal of the poster," Indrek Puvi said, adding that the meeting with Russian representatives lasted about 15 minutes.

The Estonian edition of ERR reported that on the eve of Ivangorod, on the bank of the river bordering Estonia, a large screen was installed to broadcast the Victory Day celebration (the screen is facing Narva). Also, ERR reports, there is a stage near the border for a festive concert, which is expected in the evening.