OREANDA-NEWS Russia has reduced its oil production in an unprecedented manner, and this is a very serious factor in terms of stabilizing the situation on the world oil market. This was stated to the correspondent of IA REGNUM on September 28 by Marcel Salikhov, director of the HSE Center for Economic Expertise. This is how he commented on the words of Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak that Russia has made unprecedented commitments and will do everything possible to prevent a collapse "in the global world economy."

"I think what is meant here is the OPEC+ deal and the obligations that the Russian Federation fulfills," the economist said. — As for the global economy, there may be some exaggeration in Novak's words here. Rather, we should talk about the collapse of the energy market. If we talk about the collapse of the entire world economy, it is worth remembering that the Russian economy occupies 3%. And it's hard to expect that in this scenario you will be able to save the remaining 97%. But if we talk about the oil market, Russia has reduced its production in an unprecedented way. And this is a very important and serious factor in terms of stabilizing the situation on the oil market."

Recall, as reported by IA REGNUM, earlier Salikhov said that currently the world oil market is stabilizing, but there are concerns about the second wave of coronavirus.