OREANDA-NEWS. A biology teacher was arrested in the United States after she vaccinated her student against the coronavirus, Unilad reports. The procedure took place in the teacher's apartment and was carried out without the consent of the teenager's parents.

The name of the arrested person is Laura Parker Russo. The woman ended up in the police because of a student whom she gave an injection - a teenager came home and told his mother about it. It is currently unknown how the teacher received the vaccine bottle and what brand it was.

According to Laura, the 17-year-old schoolboy himself asked her to be vaccinated because his mother was against vaccination. After the procedure, the student does not complain about his health. However, according to Dr. Audi Liamets, this could be a lucky coincidence. The medic noted that the vial could contain a fake vaccine or other life-threatening solution. In addition, the specialist said that before vaccination, you need to know the patient's medical history, but Laura did not have such information.

The school reported that Russo was suspended from school during the proceedings. She is accused of illegally practicing medicine. If the teacher is admitted guilty, she faces up to four years in prison.

Earlier, a man from New Zealand received 10 vaccinations against COVID-19 and was under investigation.