OREANDA-NEWS  The European Parliament voted for a ban on issuing visas for Russian passports issued in new regions of the country, as well as in Crimea and on the territory of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

It is noted that 540 deputies voted for the corresponding proposal, 6 opposed it, and 36 abstained.

The European Parliament has approved its mandate to negotiate with the Council on a legislative proposal on the non-recognition of travel documents issued by Russia in the occupied regions of Ukraine and the so-called breakaway territories of Georgia for the purpose of issuing a visa or when crossing the external borders of the EU.

MEPs are confident that the Russian annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol, Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye in Ukraine is illegal. Thus, the EU condemned Russia's decision to recognize the independence of the so-called breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia in Georgia. The Commission will consult with the EU member States and draw up a list of Russian travel documents that should not be accepted in the future.