OREANDA-NEWS  In the Zaporozhye region, FSB officers uncovered three agent groups coordinated by Ukrainian military intelligence, RIA Novosti reports.

According to security officials, foreign intelligence used the information resources of the Ukrainian media "RIA-Melitopol" and Telegram chat "Melitopol - tse Ukraine" to collect intelligence information and exert psychological influence on local residents. Resource administrators were detained.

Among them were citizens of Ukraine and Russia who tried to hide their identities on the Internet and took conspiracy measures for this. They urged the residents of the region to collect and transmit to them information about the movement of the Russian army, as well as about their locations.

One of the members of the agent groups offered armed resistance and was eliminated by return fire. An improvised explosive device, a submachine gun and an RGN grenade were found in his apartment.

Earlier, the FSB showed a video of the agents' detention.