OREANDA-NEWS  Alexey Polishchuk, Director of the second CIS Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, if resumed, would probably be direct, without intermediaries. He stressed that it was in this format that they were carried out initially. According to Mr. Polishchuk, otherwise Western mediators pursue their goals in the course of conflict regulation.

"If and when these contacts resume, they will most likely also be direct. And this would be the best option, because, as practice shows, Western mediators often pursue their own goals and try to influence the course of negotiations, acting not for the settlement of the conflict, but in their own political and economic interests," Alexey Polishchuk said in an interview with TASS.

He recalled that Russia communicated with Ukraine only directly during the negotiations in February-April 2022 at the sites that were "kindly provided to them." Later, the contacts were made via video, but also remained direct.

Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine began a few days after the start of the military special operation. The meetings of the delegations of the two countries were held first in Belarus, and then in Turkey. Following the agreements reached in March, Russia withdrew its troops from Kiev. After that, the parties have repeatedly stated that the negotiation process has reached an impasse. Ukraine withdrew from the negotiation process in May. The Russian side claimed that the reason for this was the influence of Western countries.

The Kremlin assured that Russia is ready to resolve the conflict through diplomatic means, but this is impossible because of Kiev's position. On November 4, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree excluding negotiations with Russia while it is headed by Vladimir Putin. Kiev has repeatedly stated that negotiations are possible only in the event of the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. Vladimir Putin believes that in order to resume the dialogue, Ukraine must "take into account the new territorial realities," that is, recognize the annexed regions as Russian. Ukraine rejects this condition.