OREANDA-NEWS More than a million ballots have been invalidated in Turkey. This became known on Monday, May 15.

Recall that the current Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan scored 49.24 percent of the votes in the presidential elections in Turkey based on the results of processing 100 percent of ballots.

At the same time, after processing all the ballots, his opponent, the leader of the Turkish opposition Kemal Kilicdaoroglu scored 45.6 percent. The third place was taken by the candidate from the right—wing "Father's Coalition" (Ata) Sinan Ohan - 5.22 percent of the votes. The candidate from the Fatherland Party Muharrem Inje was able to gain 0.42 percent of the votes, despite the fact that three days before the election he withdrew his candidacy — the CEC of Turkey decided that the votes for him would be counted as valid

On May 14, the first round of presidential elections was held in Turkey. As a result of the procedure, a pro-Western opposition politician may come to power in the country for the first time in 20 years. Because of this, relations between Russia and Turkey may seriously deteriorate — up to the imposition of sanctions, experts interviewed by Vechernaya Moskva believe.