OREANDA-NEWS. France «stole» almost five million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine intended for the UK. In the spring, a batch of vaccine produced in the Netherlands was going to be sent to the UK. But Macron «colluded with the EU leadership» and convinced that the drug was more needed in France, writes the British tabloid The Sun.

On March 22, the head of AstraZeneca, Ruud Dobber, announced that a batch of several million doses of the vaccine should arrive in the UK from Holland in the near future. However, this batch was subsequently redirected to the EU, despite the fact that France and other EU countries have repeatedly criticized the effectiveness of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Sources of the publication in the British government regarded the behavior of France as the actions of a «hostile state», and not a close ally. In their opinion, France's actions could have cost many human lives. It is also reported that France has threatened to block the supply of Pfizer vaccines to the UK, despite the need for re-vaccination.

Earlier it was reported that about 800 thousand doses of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine will be disposed of in the UK because they have expired. One of the doctors, who preferred not to give his name, told the publication that some time ago they had already warned the authorities about the situation with vaccines.