OREANDA-NEWS. The UAE has suspended talks with the US on the purchase of F-35 fighter jets due to US restrictions on their use, the Financial Times reported, citing an unnamed Emirati official. The UAE embassy in Washington confirmed this information to the Associated Press, not ruling out that talks could resume in the future.

Meanwhile, the US and the UAE will continue to meet on other issues this week, the embassy said.

The Emirates had been negotiating the purchase of 50 aircraft worth $23 billion. As explained by the FT interlocutor, the decision to reassess the deal was made after analyzing its cost-effectiveness, as well as technical requirements and restrictions, which, according to the UAE, violate their sovereignty.

The publication points out that the restrictions by the US are related to the Emirates' use of Chinese Huawei 5G technology. A source familiar with the negotiations indicated that the Chinese technology could be resolved, but the key contradiction is that Washington is trying to regulate where and when Abu Dhabi can use the F-35.

A US statement quoted by the FT said the US administration remains committed to the F-35 deal. Washington hopes it can resolve any outstanding issues with Abu Dhabi. "We are continuing consultations to ensure that there is a full understanding on both sides of the Emirates' commitments and actions before, during and after the delivery of [the fighter jets],"- the statement said.

Reuters wrote in January, citing sources, that the UAE had signed a contract to buy 50 F-35 fighter jets and 18 drones before Joe Biden was sworn in. The US had hoped to conclude the deal in December, when Donald Trump was president, but negotiations dragged on. The Biden administration later announced a freeze on several arms deals, including one with the Emirates, the AP reported.