OREANDA-NEWS. On April 4, the Russian Ministry of Finance transferred funds for the redemption of Eurobonds "Russia 2022" and "Russia 2042" to the National Settlement Depository for settlement in rubles, the press service of the department reports.

“Thus, the above-mentioned obligations under the Russia 2022 and Russia 2042 bonds have been fulfilled in full,” the Finance Ministry concluded.

This decision was made by the ministry in connection with the refusal of a foreign correspondent bank to execute instructions for the payment of coupon income and the redemption of the nominal value on bonds of external bonded loans of the Russian Federation. The Ministry of Finance noted that as a result of the early redemption of 72.4% of the Russia 2022 bond issue from Russian investors for rubles on March 31, the volume of these instruments in circulation decreased, which made it possible to reduce the amount of payment on them from $2.05 to $0.56 billion .

On March 31, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree requiring companies from "unfriendly countries" to purchase Russian natural gas to open ruble accounts in Russian banks. He stressed that Moscow "will not engage in charity in the gas trade" and in case of refusal to pay in rubles will consider this a violation of contracts.