OREANDA-NEWS In 2022, the volume of mortgage issuance in Russia decreased — compared to 2021, the indicator decreased by almost 16 percent. 

In 2022, Russian banks issued more than 4.8 trillion rubles on mortgage loans. The indicator became the second in the history of the market. However, it turned out to be lower than the issue of 2021, when the volume reached 5.7 trillion rubles. In particular, VTB borrowers have issued almost 208 thousand housing loans worth more than 964 billion rubles.

"December became the most active month — during this period Russian banks issued mortgages for more than 700 billion rubles," VTB said. According to experts, preferential programs affected the issue the most. In 2023, banks were predicted to receive good volumes of loans due to the modernization of state support programs.

Earlier, analysts of the Miel real estate agency concluded that by November 2022, the share of mortgage transactions in the secondary market in Moscow had grown to 65 percent. The share of mortgage transactions with "secondary" in October was at the level of 48 percent.