OREANDA-NEWS Paris Nizhny Novgorod midfielder Edgar Sevikyan explained the choice between the Russian and Armenian national teams. His words are quoted by Sport-Express.

Sevikyan said that he received an offer to play in the Russian national team when he began to issue an Armenian passport. "I didn't expect this at all. I didn't call or talk to anyone, I just told the club that they were making documents for me to play for Armenia," the footballer shared.

According to the player, he made a choice with his heart. "There was no such thing that I met with someone and decided. First of all, I asked myself if I wanted it. I felt that I wanted to, and I agreed. No one could influence me," Sevikyan stressed.

On August 31, Sevikyan, who was called up to the September training camp of the Russian national team, announced his refusal to accept the invitation due to his decision to play for Armenia. As part of the team, he played three matches as part of the selection for the 2024 European Championship.