State: articles for 08.05.2020

08.05.2020, 17:26

Vladimir Putin and Boris Johnson exchanged congratulations on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the victory over Nazism.

08.05.2020, 16:45

According to Christian Lindmeier, all the evidence at the moment indicates that virus originated from the Wuhan region.

08.05.2020, 16:31

Mikhail Mishustin continues to undergo treatment in one of the state medical institutions.

08.05.2020, 15:06

Vladimir Putin spoke on the television channel ORF2, congratulating Austrians on the 75th anniversary of the liberation from Nazis.

08.05.2020, 14:34

This was reported by the Ministry of Commerce of China.

08.05.2020, 14:24

“According to the latest reports, the pilots are safe,” India TV informed.

08.05.2020, 13:06

This was announced on May 8 by the head of the Turkish Defense Industry Directorate, Ismail Demir.

08.05.2020, 12:49

President of Russia and Chancellor of Germany exchanged congratulations on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Europe from fascism.

08.05.2020, 12:39

US Secretary of State said that Washington highly praised Kiev’s diplomacy in the context of the “continuing aggressive behavior” of Moscow.

08.05.2020, 12:31

The reason is that the former Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili was appointed a head of the executive committee for reforming of Ukraine.

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