State: articles for 18.08.2020

18.08.2020, 17:55

The President threatened to take measures to prevent a change of power in the country and “damp the hotheads down.”

18.08.2020, 17:38

Ottawa supports this idea because of the growing number of registered cases of COVID-19 in the southwestern part of the United States.

18.08.2020, 16:52

A day before, the United States rejected an initiative on an online summit of the permanent members of the UN Security Council.

18.08.2020, 16:43
"More than 7 thousand residents of St. Petersburg were fined during the pandemic for violating the law regulating the observance of coronavirus restrictions," said the press service of the city committee on legality.
18.08.2020, 16:00

It will be held to “discuss and decide on an issue of crucial significance in developing the Korean revolution and increasing the fighting efficiency of the Party.”

18.08.2020, 14:42

Anti-government opposition has called for widespread protests to begin on August 18.

18.08.2020, 14:38

This was reported by the press service of the US Department of Justice.

18.08.2020, 13:47

This was stated by Liu Jingzhen, the secretary of the party committee, chairman of the board of directors of the state corporation Sinopharm.

18.08.2020, 13:35

Russian President and German Chancellor held talks by phone.

18.08.2020, 13:15

US President noted that if Joe Biden wins the presidential election in the USA, he will not be able to work with mentioned politicians on an equal footing.

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