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02.09.2020, 17:47

The goal of the project COVAX is to accelerate development, production and distribution of vaccine in sufficient quantities to help people from high risk groups all over the world.

02.09.2020, 17:18

Soon after Navalny’s arrival in Berlin for treatment, doctors informed that they had found signs of poisoning with a substance from the group of cholinesterase inhibitors.

02.09.2020, 16:43

This decision was made by the country’s authorities after the death of 20 Indian soldiers.

02.09.2020, 16:24

According to Vladimir Makei, the restrictions will also apply on the territory of Russia.

02.09.2020, 16:02

Before that, Deputy Foreign Minister, Vasyl Bodnar, announced plans to continue withdrawal from agreements with the Russian Federation.

02.09.2020, 15:49

The country, which has the significant oil reserves, was stranded by falling prices for this resource.

02.09.2020, 14:41

“They are trying to send a group of snipers or hire snipers in Venezuela to kill me,” President of Venezuela said.

02.09.2020, 14:11

Sergey Lavrov explained that radical actions during the political protests in the republic are provoked and financed from Ukraine.

02.09.2020, 13:28

The election of a new leader of the Liberal Democratic Party should be held on September 14, and two days later a vote in parliament should take place to approve new head of government.

02.09.2020, 12:15

Hua Chunying assured that these drugs will be available for all people on the Earth.

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