OREANDA-NEWS A software package for working with the genomes of microorganisms was created by scientists of ICIG SB RAS.

According to them, the development will help to organize data on the genetic material of bacteria, will contribute to further research and the development of new beneficial strains of microbes. The results are published in the collection of the Parallel Computing Technologies conference.

Scientists of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ICiG SB RAS) have developed a software package for analyzing the genomes of microorganisms.

According to experts, the development is important not only for organizing data in the repository itself, but also for conducting a comparative analysis of different organisms with each other in order to further plan new genetic experiments (for example, adding new genes using genetic engineering methods).

Experts noted that today in the repository of the genomes of microorganisms, with which ICIG scientists work, there is information about about one and a half thousand strains, and these data are heterogeneous, ranging from simple short readings and collected genomes to full-genomic annotations and mathematical models.