OREANDA-NEWS. In the United States home tests for coronavirus will be distributed to residents of the country. To do this, the authorities will purchase 500 million test systems in 2022. They can be ordered using a special website, according to a statement published on the White House website.

«Today, the president announced that his administration will purchase half a billion tests this winter to distribute them for free to Americans who want them. The start of delivery is scheduled for January 2022», the statement says.

In addition, US President Joe Biden said that the United States will purchase 500 million doses of coronavirus vaccines from Pfizer in order to transfer them to almost 100 low-income countries.

According to the US Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the omicron strain has become dominant in the country. It accounts for more than three-quarters of infections. According to the regulator, over the past week, the omicron strain was detected in 73.2% of new infected. At the same time, the share of delta decreased to 26.6%. Other variants of the coronavirus account for tenths of a percent among all infected.