OREANDA-NEWS  The Federal Antimonopoly Service will check the activities of Unicosmetic LLC (the legal entity of the plant where Estel hair dyes and other products for professional and home hair care are produced) for violations of the law on protection of competition. This was stated in the press service of the department on September 14. The reason was a dispute over the name of a hair lightening dye and care products for unnatural blondes.

As explained in the FAS, earlier the department received an appeal from IFB LLC (manufacturer of hair products under the Kapous brand) about the violation of antimonopoly legislation by Unicosmetic, expressed in unfair competition.

Since 2017, both companies have been simultaneously promoting product lines called Blonde bar on the market. In 2021, Unicosmetic registered the Blonde bar couture trademark, after which it filed a demand to IFB to stop using the disputed designation.

The FAS of Russia has initiated a case against the company on violation of antimonopoly legislation. For its consideration, a commission has been created that will check the activities of Unicosmetic for violations of the Law on Protection of Competition.

RBC Petersburg sent a request to Unicosmetic with a request to comment on the competitor's claims and the prospects of proceedings with the FAS.

The company has two production facilities in St. Petersburg. The company bought the first plant (on Piskarevsky Avenue) in 2003. In 2014, a new production facility was launched in Kolpino. The company's website says that 100 million units of products are produced per year on an area of 30 thousand square meters. m.

According to the company's RBC, the revenue of Unicosmetic in 2022 amounted to 11.1 billion rubles, net profit — 2.4 billion rubles. In 2021, the figures were lower: 10.3 billion rubles and 2 billion rubles, respectively. The main owner of the company is the founder and CEO Lev Okhotin, he owns 45% of the authorized capital of Unicosmetic. Another 17.94% belongs to Elena Mickiewicz, 9.02% each belongs to Andrey Mickiewicz, Anatoly Dubynin and Valery Panteleimonov, the remaining 10% belongs to Unicosmetic LLC.