OREANDA-NEWS According to Rosstat statistics, by September 1, 2023, farms of all categories (agricultural organizations, farmers, personal subsidiary farms) collected 99.97 million tons of grain (in the initially registered weight), which is 12.4% less than on the same date last year (114.1 million tons).

Grain crops were threshed from 61.4% of the acreage (from 66.5% last year).

3.7 million tons of sunflower were harvested, which is 9.8% more than last year (3.4 million tons). It was removed from 1.7% of the acreage (from 1.6% last year).

Sugar beet was dug up from 7.6% of the area (5.9% a year ago), 3.8 million tons were accumulated, which is 36.5% more than a year ago (2.8 million tons).

Potatoes were harvested from 36.5% of the area (34.9%), 5.5 million tons were accumulated, which is 4.5% more than last year (5.3 million tons). Vegetable harvesting increased by 1.7%, to 5.6 million tons from 5.5 million tons a year ago. They were removed from 47.3% of the area (48%).

These indicators do not take into account data on new territories of Russia.

Earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture reported that 112 million tons of grain were harvested on September 6. The agency operates with the data of regional agribusiness management bodies.