OREANDA-NEWS Schoolchildren were detained in Makhachkala because of a joke about preparing for a terrorist attack, the Telegram channel "Mash Gor" writes.

According to the channel, the eleventh graders created a fake account on behalf of the girl and sent an email to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Dagestan. The message spoke about the alleged preparation for a terrorist attack on Korkmasov Street, which will be carried out by a group of six militants. Unknown persons demanded to transfer 800 thousand rubles to the account at the specified phone number as a payment so that no one was injured.

Emergency workers went to Korkmasova Street, but found nothing that could threaten safety. The students were detained, they were found by the phone number they had left to transfer money.

Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan detained a man for joking about a shootout in Makhachkala. According to eyewitnesses, an SUV was parked next to the girls sitting on the bench, from which three men got out. One of them turned out to be a detainee later, he said: "Get out of here, now there will be a shootout!" After that, seven police squads went to the place.

On June 23, a series of terrorist attacks took place in Dagestan. An Orthodox church and a synagogue were attacked in Derbent, and a traffic police post was shelled in Makhachkala. Osman and Adil, the children of the head of the Sergokalinsky district, Magomed Omarov, were among the terrorists. According to various sources, from 23 to 25 people could not be saved during the terrorist attack — most of them are law enforcement officers.