OREANDA-NEWS. The US statements on the situation in Kazakhstan showed that Washington refuses to recognize the sovereignty of this country and continues to defame Russia, said Federation Council Vice-Speaker Konstantin Kosachev.

"In fact, it is a refusal to recognize the sovereignty of Kazakhstan, this time, a refusal to recognize the CSTO's right to collective decisions and peacekeeping, these are two, and the continuation of defamation of Russia, these are three. the senator wrote on Facebook.

He recalled that earlier Washington called on the Kazakh authorities to explain to the United States why the appeal for help was addressed to the CSTO. In addition, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken "boorishly" suggested that the Russians who came to Kazakhstan as part of the CSTO peacekeeping mission would not leave Kazakhstan. Finally, on Tuesday, State Department spokesman Ned Price called on the CSTO contingent to leave Kazakhstan at the first request of the country's government.

"Where is the United States and where is Kazakhstan with the CSTO? Americans, this is not your sphere of influence, especially since you have recently renounced such terms, condemning Russia for the same," Kosachev said.

In his opinion, in all of the above cases on the part of the United States there was only a desire to "get used to" and "guide".

"Although no, I am mistaken. Apparently, the absence of direct American support for the rioters in Almaty and other hot spots of the riot, as happened in due time on the Ukrainian Maidan with cookies, and then with weapons, can be considered an event," the senator added.