OREANDA-NEWS. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov commented on the calls of some politicians not to respond to NATO actions near Crimea.

“I read with great amazement the comments when a British warship invaded our territorial waters. Some liberal critics of the authorities began to say: “Why did they have to expel him, well, I would pass by the Crimea, and what would happen? And so the relationship is already at the bottom, and you bury it even deeper. "That is, swallow a direct insult, spit on the expression of the will of the Crimean people," Lavrov said, speaking at the Far Eastern Federal University.

The Russian minister also recalled that the West was afraid of Russia's preparations for an invasion during the recent Russian exercises on the border with Ukraine, and after the completion of these exercises, he himself "on the line of contact with Russia from all over the world drove tens of thousands of soldiers and samples of offensive equipment and filed the case in such a way that we threatened - and Russia withdrew the troops. "

"And our liberals said after that: Biden called Putin - and immediately the troops were removed from the Ukrainian border, and if Biden had not called, they would probably have attacked Ukraine. And these are people respected in the past who have been engaged in politics for many years," he added Lavrov.