OREANDA-NEWS Underground natural gas storage facilities in Poland are already 96% full, according to data from gas storage operator Gas Storage Poland.

According to the operator, as of the end of last day, gas reserves in Polish underground storage facilities amount to 36189.4 GWh, which is 96% of the total storage capacity.

At the end of July, the Commissioner of the Government of the Republic for Strategic energy Infrastructure, Anna Tshetsyakovskaya, reported an indicator at the level of 85%.

At the same time, 55.6 GWh of gas was pumped into Polish storage facilities over the past day. There was no pumping of gas from storage facilities during the day.

There are three underground gas storage facilities in Poland – Sanok, Wierzhowice and Kaverna, which are filled by 99, 99 and 89%, respectively.

Currently, Poland does not receive such types of fuel from Russia as natural gas, oil, coal. In the absence of Russian supplies, Poland reserves gas for the winter, supplied through the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline from Norway and through the liquefied gas terminal in the Baltic.