OREANDA-NEWS Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, claimed that he does not agree with the opinion on the need to abolish existing international law.

"Today, we hear the words that the law can no longer adequately respond to the problems and modern challenges of our time, to turbulent and fundamental changes. There are also more radical assessments about the abolition of the very concept of international law. I fundamentally disagree with such conclusions", he said. Putin, speaking at the plenary session of the St. Petersburg Legal Forum on Thursday, June 30.

"Undoubtedly, the system of international law needs to be developed. There is no need, as they say, to confuse cause and effect. Crises do not appear because of flaws allegedly inherent in law. The situation is different. There are some attempts to replace law with dictate, and international norms with national jurisdictions of individual states or groups of states", the head of state added.

Putin also noted that it was a matter of deliberate refusal to follow inalienable legal principles. According to the Russian President, some governments are not ready to accept the loss of dominance on the world stage, they are striving to preserve the unjust unipolar model, "under the guise of the so-called rules-based order, they are trying to control and direct global processes at their own discretion".