OREANDA-NEWS Reuters quoted an unnamed Washington administration official as saying that US authorities have not offered Turkey anything in return for its consent to the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO, Ankara has not requested anything, according to a Gazeta.ru report.

The official also noted that technical talks on the supply of F-16 fighters by Washington to Ankara are continuing, but the final decision should be taken by the U.S. Congress, as required by U.S. law.

Earlier, Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdan stated that the signed memorandum did not mean that Sweden and Finland joined NATO.

Before the NATO summit in Madrid, Turkey gave its consent for Finland and Sweden to join the alliance. The leaders of the three countries signed a joint memorandum in which Helsinki and Stockholm pledged to address Ankara's security and counterterrorism concerns. The NATO secretary general said Finland and Sweden would be officially invited to join the alliance on June 29. In his opinion, this event will fundamentally change the situation in the Baltic region.