OREANDA-NEWS. Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei stated that Minsk sees no reason to continue working with the Russian Federation on roadmaps to deepen integration, since issues with oil supplies have not been resolved. “Let’s… solve the issue of oil supplies, and then we’ll continue to think further. The working group doesn’t work now, and it makes no sense to work on the roadmaps until these issues are resolved,” the diplomat said.

Belarus is actively seeking partners to replace the supply of Russian oil. Minsk and Moscow cannot agree on long-term oil supplies. As a result, Russia on January 1, 2020 stopped delivering fuel to Belarusian refineries.

In mid-February, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced that Minsk and Moscow would continue to work on integration roadmaps, but the parties agreed not to discuss the creation of supranational bodies.