OREANDA-NEWS. Former German Chancellor, Chairman of the Shareholders' Committee of Nord Stream AG, Gerhard Schroder, decided to sue the newspaper Bild, which interviewed Russian opposition leader Aleksey Navalny.

Bild published an interview with Navalny, who has been in Germany for a month and a half, undergoing a rehabilitation course after poisoning. The politician, in particular, commented on the words of Schroder, who called Navalny’s poisoning a speculation and pointed out the lack of evidence that the oppositionist was poisoned. According to Navalny, Schroder receives not only official salaries in Russia, but also other payments. “Schroder is Putin’s errand boy,” Navalny said, noting that this is his personal opinion and he has no evidence confirming this.

Commenting on Navalny’s words, Schroder said that he would sue Bild for violating his rights. He explained that the newspaper should ask him for comment after Navalny’s statements but the edition did not do so.