OREANDA-NEWS. The alliance reports that it is connected with conducting there at once several large military exercises. They will be conducted in territories of such countries as Poland and Lithuania and also in the Baltic Sea.

According to the Polish commanders, these exercises are exclusively defensive and are not directed against any state. Their main objective is working off of expeditious interaction with other member countries of the military-political block.
Part in maneuvers is taken by 12 NATO member states. Besides Poland, tasks are worked by the military personnel of the USA, Spain, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia and Romania.

In the first day of these exercises on the ground located in the territory of the Pomor voivodeship there was a major fire. Fire spread to the area of 100 hectares. Military were come to the rescue by 30 teams of the Polish rescuers.

As opposed to the peaceful statements of the Polish side, "encirclement of the Kaliningrad region" was one of plans of the doctrine.