OREANDA-NEWS The Presidents of Russia and Belarus held talks in Sochi. They discussed bilateral relations and international issues, including the Ukrainian crisis and the visit of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to the Far East.

This is the second visit of Lukashenka in less than two months. In July, he flew to St. Petersburg. They "checked the clock" there and, according to tradition, confirmed their commitment to continuing close contacts. According to the entourage of both presidents, the meetings are scheduled in advance in accordance with working schedules and are not of an emergency nature. On September 15th, in the morning, the Belarusian leader arrived at the Bocharov Creek, which was well known to him. They got down to business right away.

After congratulating his Russian counterpart on the successful single voting day, Lukashenko started talking about integration. More than 80 percent of the tasks set for the governments three months ago (the heads of state met in Sochi on June 9) have been completed, he noted. Some difficulties arose in the fuel market, but they were overcome. "They delivered as much as the Russian Federation needed, as much as the government asked, in my opinion, 60 thousand diesel fuel and gasoline. If it is necessary to further reduce supplies to foreign markets and increase domestic consumption, this is not a problem," the Belarusian leader assured.

According to him, the West failed to "firmly tilt" Russia and Belarus. He also touched on the expansion of the Allied camp: "It was nice to see you with Kim Jong-un at the Vostochny cosmodrome. I think we can think about cooperation somewhere "for three": North Korea, Russia - I know that Koreans have a huge interest in you, there will be a piece of work for Belarus there." Minsk is still developing contacts with Africa: the head of Equatorial Guinea recently came.