OREANDA-NEWS  Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko have agreed to cooperate in two industrial and transport projects, the President of Belarus himself said at a meeting with the Governor of the Leningrad Region Alexander Drozdenko in Minsk.

As the Belarusian leader explained, he and his Russian counterpart spoke on the phone the day before.

"We were talking about the joint production of small—capacity aircraft, which are very much in demand and needed in the Russian Federation. The second thing that concerns us is the construction of a second railway line from Belarus to Leningrad so that we can transfer large volumes of cargo to your ports and work for the whole world from there," the president said.

Speaking about cooperation in the aviation industry, Lukashenko noted that Minsk can more intensively master the production of individual components of the Il-96, as well as service these aircraft.

"We are engaged in the construction of port infrastructure, but the bottleneck is the railway. He asked me to bring him full specifications, materials," Lukashenko added.

He clarified that a meeting with Putin will be held in Kyrgyzstan on October 15, where they will discuss these projects in detail.