OREANDA-NEWS Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking about the idea of regular flights from Moscow to Sarov for a number of categories of Russians, noted that he is not the Minister of Transport, but wants to help in this matter, the aviation authorities "need to calculate everything."

One of the participants of the meeting proposed to open an airport in Sarov with regular flights, which will allow the National Center for Physics and Mathematics (NCFM) to become a "point of attraction for great scientists", academicians, talented schoolchildren. The airport in Sarov is located in a closed urban area.

"I'm not the Minister of Transport, but I want to help you. I think that the aviation authorities should calculate everything, and as for the controlling organizations that deal with various tolerances, I have reason to believe that we can agree with them," Putin said at a meeting with young scientists of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center - the All–Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics (RFNC-VNIIEF).

According to the president, it is not difficult to make a corridor, but the issue will also be in the loading of this airport.

"Our aviation companies, of course, should consider. And Nizhny Novgorod airport, of course, it will definitely suffer. How serious it will be for the Bottom, I just do not know. But the issue is not even in the airlines, they don't care where to fly, the issue of loading the air harbor itself, the airport itself," the president said.

Nevertheless, he added, this is a solvable issue, and if it is important for Sarov, "and Sarov is important for the country as a whole," then we need to think about how to solve the issue.