OREANDA-NEWS Russia will take the first place among all countries in the world in barley exports this season, but will reduce the level of oilseed exports, predicts Oksana Lut, head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

"This season, according to preliminary figures, Russia will reach the first place in barley exports," she said during a speech at the All–Russian Field Day 2024 exhibition. Luth stressed that previously barley was a niche crop - for the domestic market. At the same time, according to her, Russia already occupies the first place in the export of wheat and pollock.

"We want to reduce exports for oilseeds, because we want to increase exports of processed products. We do not want to trade in raw materials," the minister added. For this, in turn, more factories are needed.

This was the case, for example, there are already proposals from Chinese partners for the construction of oilseed processing plants, she summarized.

Luth also added that Russia is able to produce food, the country's market is "already well saturated" with domestic products, and increasing exports will allow fulfilling the humanitarian mission of the Russian Federation and increasing its presence on the world market.