OREANDA-NEWS  Despite the fact that in September there is traditionally a decrease in tourist activity, sales of sightseeing tours this fall increased by 10-20% compared to the same period last year, reports btb-RTN edition with reference to data from tour operators.

"There is always a lull in September, because 60% of tourists rest and generally travel in the summer. We have St. Petersburg as a leader in sightseeing, but even there the high season is summer. At the same time, sales in the excursion segment are now 20% higher than last year's figures," said Sergey Romashkin, CEO of the Dolphin tour operator.

He noted that last September sales in St. Petersburg fell 2.5 times by August, in the Krasnodar Territory - by half, the Golden Ring showed a slightly smaller drop in volumes - by 25%. Romashkin recalled that the results of the autumn of 2022 were largely influenced by the announcement of partial mobilization, and at the end of September - in October there was a large percentage of cancellations.

St. Petersburg is in the first place in sales at Dolphin, Kazan is in the second, then the Kaliningrad region, the Golden Ring is in the fourth, Moscow closes the top five.

According to Romashkin, in 2023 the cost of sightseeing tours increased by 12-14% in all directions. "But now it is difficult to predict how prices may change towards the end of the year," he concluded.

Evgenia Kizey, Director of the Product and Booking Department of the Multitour company, said that in autumn tours to Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg and Dagestan, as well as cruises on motor ships from Moscow, are particularly popular.

"We don't notice much difference in the choice of destinations compared to last year. The average duration of trips is 3-4 days. In general, we observe an increase in sales of sightseeing tours, but small - 10-15%. Tours for November holidays and autumn school holidays are actively being sold now," she said.

The company "Alean" observes the demand for autumn sightseeing tours at the level of last year. By volume, Kaliningrad, the North Caucasus, Kazan are in the top, the depth of bookings is a month and a half. Compared to the autumn of 2022, the demand for the Kaliningrad region (plus 69%) and Adygea (plus 45%) has significantly increased. There is a noticeable interest in sightseeing tours to Belarus from neighboring countries (plus 59%).

"Scenic destinations associated with golden autumn are in traditional demand: Karelia, the cities of the Golden Ring, St. Petersburg with suburbs, Baikal. Also in September, while the bathing season is open, there is a stable demand for Dagestan. And Karelia, Kaliningrad and Baikal are already being booked for the winter," said Commercial Director Oksana Bulakh.