OREANDA-NEWS  The Dutch Ambassador to Moscow, Hilles Arnaud Beshoor Pluch, and the Italian Ambassador Giorgio Starace were summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the ministry's website says.

The representative of the Netherlands was asked to "stop the intrusive attempts of the kingdom's authorities to groundlessly hold the Russian Federation responsible for the crash of flight MH17." The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that the case is politicized, and the Joint Investigative Group (SSG), which investigated the case, "was engaged in adjusting the evidence base to a pre-selected version of the tragedy and neglected the obvious facts that contradicted it."

"The Ambassador was told about the unacceptability of the practice promoted by the Dutch authorities that prevents the Russian Embassy in the Netherlands from performing its direct functions, including those related to work with public and historical memorial organizations, as well as political science platforms where key topics on the international agenda affecting Russia are discussed," the message says.

The cancellation of concerts by Russian pianist Denis Matsuev in Brescia and Bergamo, Italy, was previously announced by the organizers of the Pianistico festival. The festival management made the decision after the appeal of the mayors of these cities, who insisted on canceling the performance of the artist from Russia "out of compassion for the Ukrainian people." Earlier, the Italian theater "Archimboldi" canceled the ballet "Rasputin", in which the main role is played by the Russian ballet soloist Sergei Polunin.