OREANDA-NEWS  The government has supported a bill on the introduction of a new regime for the expulsion of illegal migrants in Russia, according to a document available to RIA Novosti.

"The implementation of the proposed solutions will require corresponding amendments to other legislative acts (the Tax Code, federal laws "On Public Associations", "On Freedom of Conscience and on Religious Associations", "On State Registration of real Estate"). The government supports the bill," the text says.

The document was submitted to the State Duma in April. He assumes that foreigners, in respect of whom a new expulsion regime will be introduced, will not be able to: change their place of residence or stay in Russia without the permission of the internal affairs body; travel outside the region of residence; manage transport; to acquire property; to get married.

In addition, they will be included in the register of controlled entities, access to which will be provided to both government agencies and any legal entities and individuals.

The internal affairs bodies, for their part, will have the right to enter the premises where the migrant is located, in respect of whom the expulsion regime has been introduced, including overcoming resistance.

In addition, it is proposed to reduce the period of stay of foreign citizens in Russia to 90 days.