OREANDA-NEWS  Since March 15, a significant increase in temperature is expected throughout Russia, said the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation Roman Vilfand. According to forecasters, the strongest warming will occur in the Far East.

"Starting from Wednesday, the entire territory of our country, without exception, will be colored red and thick red on synoptic maps, since the temperature is predicted to be above normal. It will be especially warm in the Far East," Mr. Vilfand told TASS. The temperature background in the Far Eastern regions will exceed the climatic norm by 14-17 degrees from March 15.

According to Mr. Vilfand, in Yakutsk at night on March 15, the temperature will be at -8...-13 °C, during the day -1...-5 °C. At the same time, tonight in the region the temperature dropped to -25 ...-30 ° C, and in the afternoon — to -10...-15 ° C degrees.

In Moscow today, March 13, it is expected from -2 to 0 ° C, on the night of March 14, the temperature will drop to -6 ° C. Over the past day, 16 mm of precipitation fell in the capital, which exceeded the norm by 47%.