OREANDA-NEWS. The team of the information agency "Oreanda" is glad to congratulate you, our dear readers, with a Happy New Year!

We want to wish you that all the hardships, sorrows and losses remain in the outgoing year, 2021, and that the NEW, 2022, brings only good news! May the New Year be full of pleasant meetings, interesting acquaintances, incredible achievements and dreams come true.

Let's leave together with you all that saddened us and made us sad last year, and take only all the best in the new year.

Hopefully, in 2022 we will finally cope with the coronavirus, and it will no longer keep us in fear and stress. We will sincerely hope that the pandemic will remain only a bad memory, and we will again meet with friends, work, relax, travel the world and love each other without any restrictions. But now we know how difficult life, full of limitations, can be, and we will appreciate its simple joys much more!

Love each other, appreciate your family and friends, our dear readers, dream more daringly in the New Year, and may your wildest, most meaningful and most fantastic wishes come true! We really believe in it! Happy New Year 2022!