OREANDA-NEWS  Based on the experience of the special operation in Ukraine, additional dynamic protection kits have been supplied to the Russian troops, which significantly increase the combat stability and security of tanks, an informed source told RIA Novosti.

Protection is supplied by enterprises of the military-industrial complex in accordance with developed and tested booking schemes for specific types of combat vehicles, he said.

"This allows repair battalions, guided by the relevant promptly developed recommendations, to mount additional protection against anti-tank ammunition on tanks directly in the units on the front line, making it virtually all-purpose. As a result, the combat stability, security and survivability of Russian vehicles are significantly increased," the agency interlocutor said.

The source noted that with additional protection, the tank's resistance increases, including to armor—piercing opernny sub-caliber projectiles - the armor resistance in the side projection is now practically compared with the strongest frontal projection.