OREANDA-NEWS  The deputies of the State Duma adopted in the second reading a bill envisaging the introduction in Russia of a progressive scale for personal income tax (personal income tax). This was reported by TASS.

According to this document, for Russians with incomes of up to 2.4 million rubles per year, the personal income tax rate will remain at 13 percent. If the income ranges from 2.4 million to 5 million rubles, then the tax will reach 15 percent. From 5 million to 20 million rubles — 18 percent, from 20 million to 50 million rubles — 20 percent. Those Russians who earn more than 50 million rubles a year will pay a 22 percent tax.

It is clarified that such changes will not affect payments due to participants in a special military operation. The so-called "northern" allowances will impose personal income tax at rates of 13 and 15 percent.

Prior to that, the head of the communication holding company Minchenko Consulting, Yevgeny Minchenko, said that Russians took the introduction of a progressive scale to the country mildly. He explained this by the fact that the authorities had carried out preliminary work among the population.

In the first reading, this bill was adopted by the State Duma on June 20, 2024. The Ministry of Finance called the purpose of this document the improvement of the Russian tax system.