OREANDA-NEWS  US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen assessed the state of the Russian economy against the background of sanctions pressure.

During a press conference in Bangalore, India, Yellen said that the Russian economy is coping with sanctions. "The Russian economy is holding up better after the US sanctions than could have been expected initially," the Finance Minister said.

At the same time, she noted that the sanctions had a significant effect on Russia. According to Yellen, the country has problems with a significant budget deficit. "Russia suffers as far as its budget is concerned, and does not get what it needs," the Finance minister stressed.

In early February, Janet Yellen signed an order on the introduction of a ceiling on prices for Russian petroleum products. According to the document, the United States and its partners simultaneously set two price limits for petroleum products from Russia, depending on their category — $ 100 and $45 per barrel for petroleum products traded at prices above and below the cost of crude oil.