OREANDA-NEWS In Russia, there is no longer enough "Rollton" in boxes due to the shortage of foreign spices, the Telegram channel Mash reports.

It is noted that buyers have to look for workarounds for the delivery of seasoning for fast food. Previously, they were purchased in North African countries and imported through Europe. According to the channel's source, the company is currently considering China as an alternative to European countries.

Earlier it was reported about the possible upcoming shortage of "Doshirak" in the country. It was noted that problems with the goods may arise due to the weakening of the Russian currency, which led to a shortage of employees in production. Usually, migrants from Central Asia work at factories, but because of the current rate, they began to quit en masse and go to work in Kazakhstan and South Korea.

The Doshirak company itself stated that it did not see the possibility of a shortage of products. Against the background of reports of problems with Doshirak, Rollton also made a statement in which he claimed that the company had no problems.