OREANDA-NEWS. Retired Turkish major general Osman Pamukoglu published the book named “The Third World War”, in which he expressed the opinion that a new global war is inevitable.

According to the edition Aydinlik Gazetesi, Pamukoglu believes that the conflict will begin between the United States of America, China and Russia. He guesses that two of these parties will unite against the third. He also supposes that in a new war Russia will be an ally of the United States, because earlier it was so in two world wars.

At the same time, according to the author of the book, such a war will not touch upon the countries of South America and Africa.

The officer writes that the clear sign of the inevitability of a new war is “money that is allocated for weapons from the annual budgets of states, especially those that claim to be world superpowers.”

Pamukoglu believes that a new war may be similar to past conflicts. “As in the past, the war will begin because of the wish of the countries which determine economic development not to lose or expand areas of domination and control over resources,” the general states. “The spark from which the powder can be ignited would be an incident somewhere at the border post, destruction of an aircraft, sinking a fishing vessel, terrorist attack, attempted murder and any other unimaginable incident,” Pamukoglu writes. Moreover, Turkish officer does not exclude that the reason for the conflict “may be an event that will not even happen in reality, but will be presented as real.”