OREANDA-NEWS The Romanian and US Navies will hold the Sea Breeze 23.3 international exercises in the Black Sea and the Danube Delta from September 11 to 15 with the participation of representatives of Ukraine and other allied countries. This is reported by TASS.

It is noted that the maneuvers will be held in the area of responsibility of the Romanian Navy. Representatives of Bulgaria, Great Britain, Turkey, France and Ukraine will also participate in them.

On September 6, the Armenian Defense Ministry announced that the EAGLE PARTNER 2023 joint exercises with the United States will be held on Armenian territory from September 11 to 20. According to the ministry, the military will work out operations to stabilize relations between the conflicting parties when performing peacekeeping tasks.

Later, Alexander Iskandaryan, director of the Caucasus Institute in Yerevan, said that Armenia's decision to conduct military exercises with the United States should not be regarded as a clear choice of Yerevan in favor of the West. He recalled that such maneuvers are not held for the first time — training with NATO was practiced by the Armenian side even before the events in Karabakh.

Earlier, the DPRK conducted exercises simulating nuclear weapons strikes on South Korea.