OREANDA-NEWS. Information and computer security specialist Sergey Vakulin said NEWS.ru about whether it is dangerous to link your bank card to various applications, and whether this can cause money theft. He spoke about the most popular methods of deception used by cyber-criminals.

«The situation with linking bank cards to applications can be either secure or not. I have never linked maps to any applications, and if the service notifies, that this is necessary, then after using it, I always unlink it. This is an endowment of functionality in any network and service. The fact is that there are always various web vulnerabilities, there is always a need to analyze the situation. But if it is really confirmed that the application is to blame — it is a reputational loss for the company, since the attackers found certain vulnerabilities in the application and took advantage of them», Vakulin notes.

He added, that the main method of protection is not to transfer or show your data to anyone. Also, if you have an app like ApplePay, which allows you to use your phone to pay for everything, it is much safer than turning the card in your hands, showing it in front of people and cameras.