Culture and leisure: articles for 28.06.2019

28.06.2019, 19:10
The All-Russian Theater Marathon in the Year of the Theater takes place in all 85 regions of Russia.  It started in January in Vladivostok, will end at the end of 2019 at the most western point of the country - Kaliningrad, and will reach Moscow on 28 June. 
28.06.2019, 18:33
The picture transferred to the Irbit State Museum of Fine Arts, which was considered a copy of the canvas of the Flemish painter of the 16th-17th centuries by Peter Paul Rubens, "The Position in the Coffin", according to preliminary data, turned out to be a true original.
28.06.2019, 18:01
TV host Nikolai Drozdov assessed the list of animals banned for keeping at home approved in Russia.
28.06.2019, 17:41
By September of this year, the program "Cultural standards of schoolchildren" will be included in the educational system of Russian schoolchildren.
28.06.2019, 17:11
Gathering today 3.42 million yuan or $ 497 thousand, the highest-grossing Russian film in China was the sports drama “Moving Up.”  In the fifteen days of hire, the film by Anton Megerdichev accumulated 75.47 million yuan or $ 10.95 million.
28.06.2019, 15:35
Georgia won't legally issue security guarantees for Russian tourists

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