Culture and leisure: articles for 02.07.2021

02.07.2021, 15:11
The oracle cat Achilles made a prediction for the final match of the European Football Championship in St. Petersburg.
02.07.2021, 13:20

Scientists have concluded that physical activity will help compensate the harm from poor sleep.

02.07.2021, 12:33

Iris Law spoke about her first role in an interview with the magazine

02.07.2021, 12:14

The expert said that Twitter Company should be closed in  Russia

02.07.2021, 11:29

Los Angeles, July 2. Hollywood actress Amber Heard on Thursday, July 1, revealed that she had a daughter on April 8, 2021, whom she named Una Paige.

02.07.2021, 11:12

Training of the national teams of Spain and Switzerland took place at the Petrovsky stadium due to the poor condition of the lawn at the Gazprom Arena.

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