Culture and leisure: articles for 16.08.2021

16.08.2021, 17:19

In the U.S. district of Watcom was discovered the first in 2021 a living hornet-killer. This is reported on the website of the Department of Agriculture of washington state.

16.08.2021, 15:27

Disney Corporation cancels all projects involving actress Scarlett Johansson after a lawsuit that she filed in court because of the "Black Widow".

16.08.2021, 15:13

Scientists from the United States have proved that social networks encourage indignant users

16.08.2021, 13:30

An actor Johnny Depp in an interview with the Sunday Times complained about the changed attitude towards him on the part of Hollywood producers.

16.08.2021, 13:08

The hottest day of the year was recorded in Spain - the temperature soared above 46 degrees last week. Other resort destinations in Southern Europe are also experiencing "scorching heat".

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