Culture and leisure: articles for 17.03.2022

17.03.2022, 17:00

Because of his love for the Russians, actor decided to appeal to the people.

17.03.2022, 15:49

In 2022, Willis is scheduled to shoot in 10 projects.

17.03.2022, 12:36

One part of the graffiti has already been painted over in reality, the other continues to decorate the walls of buildings in different countries.

17.03.2022, 12:17

Olga Smirnova decided to leave the theater.

17.03.2022, 11:39

Jack Black will return to the role of Po.

17.03.2022, 10:39

Kadyrov made his statement after the businessman challenged Vladimir Putin to a «duel» on March 14, in which Ukraine would be the stake.

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