OREANDA-NEWS  Evgeny Chebatkov, a stand-up comedian from Kazakhstan, popular in Russia, appreciated the possibility of moving to another country. He spoke on this topic while talking with journalist Karen Adamyan, the video was posted on YouTube.

"Probably the USA," Chebatkov replied to the question of where he would have moved if he could not live in Russia and Kazakhstan.

The comedian explained that he could not live in Asian countries, and in Europe he never felt like "his own." Chebatkov called Canada, where he lived for some time, too prosperous a country. "There are certainly disadvantages, but in the States, I think you can do plus or minus whatever you want. A new light is a New Light," he said.

Earlier, Chebatkov called the difference between Russian and American viewers. The comedian said that the audience in the United States is more willing than the Russian public to laugh at concerts.