OREANDA-NEWS The traditional action "Immortal Regiment" was held in Beijing on the day of the celebration of the 79th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, more than 700 people took part in the commemorative procession - citizens of Russia, CIS countries, descendants of Soviet and Chinese soldiers who took part in battles on the battlefields in different parts of the continent, RIA Novosti correspondent reports.

Children and adults, raising portraits of their heroes and red banners above their heads, marched in a single formation to the sounds of wartime songs on the territory of the Russian Embassy in China. Russian Ambassador to China Igor Morgulov walked at the head of the column with a portrait of his father.

Tatyana Urzhumtseva, head of the Russian Cultural Center in Beijing, told RIA Novosti that for compatriots who came to China for a while or live here on a permanent basis, the Immortal Regiment campaign is "a sense of Homeland, a sense of elbow, a sense of shoulder that they can lean on, because there are some things, who help you stand on your feet, no matter what happens in this life."

"Events such as the Immortal Regiment, which come from the human heart, are very important because people feel like they are truly participants in this life, and not bystanders. The opportunity to participate gives new strength, new sources for our strengthening and promotion of the feeling of love for the Motherland, it seems to me that this is very important," she added.

Speaking about the Chinese participants of the march, Urzhumtseva noted that "every nation that won this victory, this peaceful sky, has the right to its part of history, and this knowledge must be maintained, both among the Chinese and among us."